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Insurance Law

Our tasks include the assertion of claims and the enforcement of damages as well as claims for compensation for pain and suffering. We represent private and commercial policyholders against insurance companies. Treatment errors, errors in medical devices and personal injuries due to illness or accidents are focal points at the interface with medical law.

In the event of damage, those affected often find themselves in an emergency situation. That is why it is important for us to act quickly. Both private insurances and social insurances form a ramified insurance system in which insured persons can often encounter obstacles without legal assistance. We know our way around insurance law and can use our experience to achieve your goal quickly and efficiently – payment in the event of an insurance claim.

We advise and represent you in all matters of insurance law.

Personal insurance law includes the following insurances:

  • Statutory and private health insurance
  • Daily sickness allowance insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Occupational disability insurance
  • Residual debt insurance

Private insurance law and social insurance law are distinct areas of law. Social insurance law lies in the public-law sphere.

In insurance law, the legislator regulates relationships in a community with risks. The aim is to insure against damage.

Medical law issues are often interwoven with the characteristics of insurance law. The interface between medical law and insurance law requires both medical law and insurance law expertise.

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