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Medical law regulates the relationship between doctors and patients as well as the relationship between doctors themselves.


Medical Law regards all rules concerning the exercise of the medical, dental and psychotherapeutic professionals.

Public Law Area

Hospital law and the law governing the medical and nursing professions are within the public law area of medical law.

Insurance law also forms an intersection with medical law.

Compensation for damages

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Power of Attorney
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A selection of medical law texts.

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Further links on legal topics.

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Information in current articles.

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Tribunal Decision

Medico-legal judgements.

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Questions and answers on medical law.

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Our Clients

Who we advise and represent – a selection of our clients.

Statutory and privately insured patients, private and commercial
Doctors & Dentists
Registered doctors, dentists, psychiatrists as well as hospital doctors, fee-based doctors and employees
Other healthcare professionals
Ergo-, physio-, psychotherapists, nurses, midwives, paramedics, pharmacists, alternative practitioners etc.
Medical Facilities
Surgeries, Communities, Hospitals
Convalescent facilities
Convalescent facilities such as convalescent clinics, rehabilitation clinics or sanatoriums
Guest accommodation facilities (hotels, pensions, clubs)
Medications, food and medical devices
Industrial companies such as chemical, beverage, food, pharmaceutical, environmental technology, packaging
Research & Development
Research and development companies and institutions
Educational institutions such as universities, universities of applied sciences, technical colleges
Public authorities
Federal administrations, state authorities and institutions, state companies
Care facilities such as out-patient care, in-patient care, geriatric care
Advertising agencies
Event agencies, full-service agencies, net agencies, web agencies
Start-ups and successors
Publishing industry
Authors, printers, editors, publishers
Local authorities
Municipalities, districts, cities, administrative communities
Associations and clubs
Accounting, services, sports, fitness, wellness
Corporate bodies
Public-law corporations

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Long-Term Consultation
Permanent counselling and representation with a monthly lump sum

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Online Advice
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Medical Law

Find out more about the following medical law concepts:

Medical Malpractice Law
Medical liability regulates the liability relationship between doctor and patient.

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Treatment Contract
The treatment contract regulates rights and obligations between patient and doctor.

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Medical Errors
If there has been damage to health, the reason must be a medical mistake.

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Medical Law
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